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Top 10 Survival Items

top 10 survival items

Knife Charged cell phone Personal locator beacon (PLB), such as Garmin inReach or Globalstar SPOT X Map and compass Three-day supply of water (one gallon per person per day) Three-day supply of nonperishable food (beef jerky, power bars, canned goods, powdered milk, etc.) Flashlight, headlamp, or lanterns with batteries Waterproof matches and fire-starting supplies First-Aid Kit Sleeping bag or space…

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Teaching Kids How to Act During an Emergency

teaching Kids how to act in an Emergency

No matter what age, remaining calm during an emergency or disaster takes skill and composure—especially for children. Children are our most precious resource—and the most vulnerable—when things turn to chaos. It is essential for parents to keep their children not only physically safe but also mentally safe. The key is to create a solid disaster plan (before the emergency) to…

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Offline Activities for Kids

offline activities for kids

Many Americans think about preparing for a weather event or disaster but procrastinate because the task seems daunting. However, after the Covid-19 pandemic and the shortages it created, Americans are waking up to the importance of disaster preparation. Most of the available resources suggest ways to manage food and water supplies during a disaster. But what about beyond basic necessity’s…

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Waste Management During A Crisis

waste management during crisis

You are feeling great about the status of your emergency preparedness kit. You even thought to include games and crafts for the kids.  if you lost power and had no running water after a hurricane or other disaster? It’s easy to be focused on stocking supplies for your emergency kit, but have you thought about how to handle waste management…

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What Medical Supplies to Have for an Emergency

Basic Medical Emergency Supplies Checklist When you build your basic medical emergency kit, it’s a good idea to duplicate it and keep one in your car. Absorbent compress dressings (all sizes) Adhesive bandages (assorted sizes) Adhesive cloth tape Antibiotic ointment Antiseptic wipes CPR breathing barrier (with one-way valve) Sam splint Sterile bandages Sterile gloves Scissors Soap Sanitary gauze pads (all…

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